We believe you don't have to be a strict vegan to enjoy plant based food which is why we've launched our food delivery business to bring more plants to more people. We want it to be super convenient to explore a healthier, happier and more sustainable takeaway experience


Taking inspiration from around the world, Vicky, our head chef, has crafted recipes packed with flavour and goodness with a cheeky twist to ensure dinner time is flavoursome and fun!


To offer convenience to everyone we partner with your local restaurants who deliver our food to your home. This means more choice for everyone whilst supporting local independent businesses.


We cook all our dishes at our local kitchen in small batches. Each dish is then placed into a sous-vide pouch and blast frozen to lock in flavour and goodness. We then provide our dishes to local restaurants who gently cook them in a water bath before delivering them HOT to your home ready for you to devour!


We put food safety and quality at the heart of our business. It's the foundation on which we build success. We are proud to maintain our FSA Rating of 5 and only work with Restaurants who share our same approach to food safety. We continually look at ways in which we can increase the quality of our food and the safety for our customers.

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